My favorite memory of snowbell is when nibble on shoe lase. What I like about snowbell is in the beganig of the year she clomed up the her hamster and her cage and one times he got out of her hamster ball and the cage. What I didn't like bout snowbell is she bit javon—tae hard. I will miss snow bell because she's funny and I like how she stores food in checked. This how you need to take care of her you need clean her cage evry week food and water there are jubs so you won't have to do it evry week.
This is a voide of our face of the playground project.

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Me - What I did at the riverbank zoo was first we went to the lions then we went to the tigers there was a monkey then we went to the hiyenas the same monkey was there then we saw rougarul black monkeys then we went though like a rapatilol aqouroim then we where back were stated so went to the gift shop I got a big tiger for sharaya we got a big Giraffe then went to through a barn with animals then we went to the Elafants then we went to the giraffes it was my favrit because we got to feed it.
Our class has been azorbig mealworms and panted lady butterflys. The mealworms are at the larva stage then they will be a pupa then when they are all grow up they will look like beetle. Now for the butterfly first they are a colapiler then they torn in to a crsolis then after a wile they will be a butterfly. Now some times you mite get confused to tell a colapiler from a worm hors one thing that is difrit that catapilers ygoly eat. Worms likes to dig in the dart.
Our class got in to groups to make a business not a real one our class is trying to come up with a business that we would want to do. Our group made a pet store and the pet store name was pet fetsta. We sell dogs cats fishes not to eat hamsters gerbols ginypig mice and pet food. The resin that poepol would come to our pet store is because when you are lonely they will play with you. The price for the pet is 25$ etsep for the mice we haven worked that out.
My concern about our in environment mention is that there are a lout of things that make palotion. A nuther concern that I have about our environment is litering if you don't know what litering is it's when peopol throw garbag on the ground I hate when peopol do that. Hoes a way to stop poltion is stop using stuff that perdus poltion ride your bike for trasporation. Hoes a way to cepe the earth clean pick up the trash. Also resicol if you don't know what recicol means to reuse stuff like boxes. Also save electress by not pluging up alout of plugs.
Sharaya d me have been playing Madagascar we are trying to complete all the wii games we all ready finished one profile of Madagascar we are trying to finish all three profiles so one down two to go. The part we are at now is pairis trying save Alex and manmen. Here three simple rules rule #1 all was put on your inconedo before you even start moveing rule #2 cepe your eyes piled for animal collateral rule #3 if animal collateral sees you take off that inconedo and run like crazy if dudla is chasing you deftly do that. Sharaya and me went to the music shows both got hame work pases today.