Our class read becouse of winn dixie. In the beginning Opal fond winn dixie at the store he was runing all a roud . Then Opal tolde the preacher that she found a dog and she wanted to cep winn dixie. After that opal found grchrod pets and opal got a job at grouchrod pets.Then opal whet to the library and miss franny thot that winn dixie was a baer. The dobery boy came to get housing chI wis going to thet iog droor opal beteyou city se and Then opal met Gloria dump and Gloria dump tolde opal that she can only see the general shap o fthings they set did up a party . Opal in vintid evreone she knew but evre one didn't come. Then a thunder storm came evre one chrid to save the food but opal for got winn dixie the preacher and opal looked and looked but he could't find him when they got back evry one was happy winn dixie was hideing under the char all a loog.
Audrey Edmonds
12/4/2012 11:07:01 pm

That is a lot Jimar!!!!!!


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